About 10 Moments on the Main

Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal’s Main

Symbolic dividing line between French and English-speaking Montreal, corridor of immigration and symbol of cultural diversity, a space for artistic and technological creativity, a laboratory of ideas and of radical politics, Saint-Laurent Boulevard – “The Main” – is recognized as a national historic site of Canada and as a central place in the collective memory of Montreal.

This audioguide, 10 Moments on the Main, invites you to discover the richness and the diversity of Saint-Laurent Boulevard through its history, its population, and its architecture.

Friends of Saint-Laurent Boulevard

In 1997, Saint-Laurent Boulevard, from the Old Port to Jean-Talon Street, was designated a national historic site by the government of Canada, on the recommendation of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. Following in the spirit of the designation, and at the instigation of the Société de développement du boulevard Saint-Laurent (SDBSL), the non-profit organization Friends of Saint-Laurent Boulevard was founded in October 2003. The Friends have the mission to promote the rich culture, history, architecture, and heritage found along all 6 kilometres of the national historic site. Among other projects, the Friends offer walking tours each summer and have produced the series of interpretation panels entitled The Main, Forever in Tune.

Visit the web site amisboulevardstlaurent.com